Monday, March 19, 2007

Another sunny day coming up the temp is going to be 75 so that will be nice. Of course this morning it was 46 degrees.
Today is another wash day. We will go out to the laundromat and do the clothes.
Doesn't sound to exciting does it. Sometimes the fulltime lifestyle is just like living in a house on a foundation. You can't get out and have fun all the time can you? I think some people get the wrong idea of this lifestyle,they seem to think you are like you're on a vacation all the time. Not so,when you are on a vacation you can wait until you're home to do the washing. We are in different places but,we are still home so therefore we have things that have to be done. You do house cleaning,inside and outside. If you don't do these things then it will pile up on you and it will take forever to do them.
After 7 years of being a fulltimer it would be hard to settle down in a regular house. Something just gets in the blood and you yearn to be on the road. If you are feeling blue at least you can pick the place you want to be to feel blue. I must say though most of the time we feel pretty good.
There are no ballgames so after the wast I have no idea what we will get into.

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