Sunday, February 04, 2007

The weather is still rough here. There was a strong line of showers that went through this morning. Not as bad as yesterday,but still a lot of rain. It is going to linger on for most of the day.
We went back up to the flea market yesterday. Nancy had to pick up some Avon stuff for Lena that she ordered last week-end. Nancy also bought her a beach bag,hand towels and night gown. I bought a couple of files. I got a half round and a square file. I need these to file down the parts for the ay doors when I saw them out. The original parts are made out of some cheap metal that break. I made the new ones out of flat aluminum that hold up quite well. This is better and cheaper than buying the whole lock assembly new.
Don't think we will get into much today as it is saturday and I just don't like to get out on weekends.

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