Friday, February 23, 2007

Sam and Carolyn came bacck over today for another visit before they went back down to Punta Gorda. We talked a little and walked quite a bit around the park looking at the different park models here in the park. They seem to like this place that we are in. It is a nice park with friendly people.
We then did the washing of the clothes at the laundromat. On the way back to the motorhome I stopped and got a pizza in the CICI's Pizza Restaurant,boy it was good.
We don't have anything scheduled for today. This is what it is most of the time,we just let it happen and see what developes. We find that if we plan a bunch of stuff to do then we are looking at the clock and that takes away the enjoyment of what you are doing.
Even when we are on the road we never have a certain time to be in a certain place. This way if we see something that looks interesting we will stop and enjoy it for as long as we like. This is what is so great about fulltime rving. You are always at home wherever you may be.

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