Friday, February 09, 2007

Finding campground

Yesterday afternoon we went up to Brooksville to check out a campground that I had read about. It is a wildlife recreation area so I tought it might be nice to see and maybe walk around in once we got there. Was I wrong about the way I thought it would be. We took a road out about 4 miles and then it turned into a dirt road. Finally we came to the park or what was supped to be a park. It was really rustic and so far out on the dirt road that I said forget about this one. OK now I know what it is about. Often times we dream of the things we read about and we just have to check them out. Sometimes they are what you think they will be and sometimes they are not so good.

After that experince I say while we are up here we may as well drive out to Pine Island Park. On the way I saw this small car with the steering wheel on the right side. When I was younger there were a bunch of these type cars around. In 1969 I bought a small one from a Chrysler dealership. It was a Simca, water cooled rear engine that got 35 miles to the gallon.
There was a guy that sold State Farm Insurance that had one that had 3 wheels and the one single rear wheel was the steering. The whole front end opened up,the windsheild and the steering and all attached to this large door.
So off the main road and out the 2 lane road we went for 6 miles. A nice drive with the marsh water on both sides of the road. Every so often we came upon someone beside the road fishing.
Then we came to the park on the gulf. This is a nice little park that has a lot of people visiting and kids playing in the water. It has a swimming beach. Even though the water is cold this time of year you still get some that are brave enough to go in. There is a snack bar here that serves burgers and the usual food things for this kind of quick prepared food.
Another nice day in the life of a fulltime rver.

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