Thursday, February 01, 2007

We did go out to do the laundy yesterday. You can only put it off for so long. Nancy uses 3---4 washers so its not too time consuming that way.

The gas prices are slowly coming down in this area. It has fallen 20 cents from November7 when we pulled in. I as many other people can not figure why when the price of oil goes up the prices at the pump go up fast. Yet when the price of oil falls the price at the pump takes forever to come down. Also how fast these stations are on top of the news when a ship or truck spills a little oil the price at the pumps jump up.
After the laundry was finished and we took the clothes home. We went out to the China Buffet.
I really over did it with the eating and I'm paying the price this morning. Now its not that I don't know any better,but there is just something at a buffet that makes you want to keep going back and filling your plate. Maybe its seeing all that food and knowing its not going to cost any more to go back and go back and go back you know what I mean.

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