Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Its going to be a little cooler today according to the weather man. Only up to 77* today. Here at 10:28am its 76* and starting to rain. It is a muggy,sticky day. It is another go to the laundromat day. When we do this there is not much time to do anything else. Oh well it is raining anyway. But we shall see.

Our phone has been out a couple of days so I called for service. The lady asked if the line was laying on the ground. Yes it is I say,she asked if any dogs around in the park,"no there isn't" I answer. She asked if I had taken the phone and tried it in the box outside,answer no I didn't but I know it should be working. The repairman came out this morning and checked. You're right it was in the line on the ground. Lesson learned "never be to sure". That plus $40.00 bill for being dumb when I know better.

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