Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A little cool this morning but,still going to be very warm today. Again temps up to 80* and then tomorrow the cool weather sets in. Although the temps will be close to normal for this time of year. People were in the pool yesterday and I said to them don't you people know its in the middle of January that it is winter time. Their reply was "can't you see us shoveling snow"then they all had a big laugh. We do feel sorry for the people in the ice and snow storm and at the same time are grateful that we can have our winter time this way.

After our walk we sat around awhile and decided to go down to the pool to cool down and get some sun. We thought since this will be the last day for a while to do this. It is going to only be close to 70* for the next week. Which is normal here this time of the year.

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