Sunday, April 02, 2006


After going to Sunday School and church this morning we stopped to have dinner out.
When I got home it was time to fix the shower leak. I have no idea why they didn't make some type of excess hole to work on the shower drain,things go bad you know and have to be fixed. After sawing and pulling I finally had a hole to see the drain pipe. I thought the hard part was over "wrong".
The plastic nuts on the pipes are supposed to be easy to get off. If it were assembled correctly it would have been easy. I had to break it all out and what a mess. It didn't have a rubber gasket on top were it should have instead they used some type of putty in puting it together and this is why the nuts were locked tight. So off to Lowes I go to hunt for parts. What do you know they had everything I needed. The shower drain is the same thing as the drain in a bath tub. Well the main thing is everything is back and working like it should.
What will tomorrow bring?

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